Post 910: Such a Deal

Free brush ** brush only **

free brush. Email for address BRUSH ONLY Thank you

I’ve been in favor of free brush for years now. But not free trees. That’s going too far. Brush has lived in the shadow of those tall sun stealers and now the time has come to FREE BRUSH ONLY! Not all brush will qualify for this payment amount. Twenty-four month, A/Z competitive conquest advertisement; $0 down plus first payment, tax and fees due at signing with Tier 1 approved credit; security deposit waived. Offer ends as soon as you read this. Your mileage may vary.

We’ve got a Ralph week going for the end of October! Thanks for all the great submissions.

4 thoughts on “Post 910: Such a Deal

  1. There’s something circular in emancipated brush securing the manumission of chattel brush; if vexing for being told they will do this with no financial assistance.

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  2. Here we see the embittered artiste struggling against the unjust servitude of their brushes and appealing for their freedom as expressed through landscape photography and interpretive dance.

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