Post 912: Why-a No Duck?

Baked Enamel cooking Pot Turkey, Chicken good condition – $15

Cook your favorite bird, stew, etc. Keith

(Looks at parrot, Maynard)

No, sorry, I can’t cook my favorite bird in there. How much pot comes with the turkey? Wish you had included photos of the turkey and chicken. I don’t trust that they are in good condition if you have been keeping them in that thing with the lid on. Sorry, Keith, I’mma pass on this deal.


3 thoughts on “Post 912: Why-a No Duck?

  1. Yes, Spark’ I concur that you are baked.
    I can’t recommend calling people potentially bringing you pizza money “chicken” is the best sales approach.
    But, neither is misspelling “keef.”

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  2. Given stoner habits toward kitchen cleaning, this is either and inspired or an over-optimistic stash can.
    No doubt ruined when Gamma came over and baked a nice chicken dinner, which left nothing but keef.

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