Post 914: Chicks for Free


American turkey male and female about 2yrs . Home raised corn feed. Call or text

I have never seen a turkey, American, male, or female, play the obo. That might be worth $250. Especially since the obos are home raised and corn feed-ed. The turkeys can call or text! This has to be the best ad I’ve seen today. All that and the hens lay eggs, too.


3 thoughts on “Post 914: Chicks for Free

  1. Given that M. gallopavo is indigenous to north america, calling them “american turkey” is somewhat redundant.

    Turkey are unlike chickens, with their wider range of breeds, or “duck” which are any fresh water waterfowl not a goose, swan, or cormorant or the like.

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  2. Ok, Spark wants us to be sure these are American turkeys–so we do not confuse them with guinea fowl of Ottoman orign. Or perhaps pheasant or grouse in disguise.

    Mind, Spark does not appear to understand that yearling turkeys are only about $75, and poults are in the $5-10 range. Or that oboes are $800-1200.

    Spark is probably of the opinion that domesticated turkeys can fly, too . . .

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