Post 916: Sparky Gets Ugly


condition: salvage model name / number: Millie size / dimensions: 61 inches tall

To get right to the point, let me tell you something… There’s this…thing called…Millie. She needs mental help to solve her overwhelming addiction to stealing Care Bears. She has this odd reflex of throwing things in the air. She has an obsession with the toy kazoo that she will come with if you are willing to take her. She cannot be released into the wild as she has imprinted on human behavior. If you can please take this mammal off of my hands, please do so! *Please go to home without robots and chairs as it triggers flashbacks*

Don’t know if you’ve seen the gif of the ugly baby. She does throw invisible things in the air. I don’t know about the Care Bears or toy kazoo. And why the candy buttons on the table sorted by color? I’m thinking Sparky is the one who needs mental help. I mean, where are you going to find a chairfree home? Don’t even respond to the ad. Walk away and never look back.

Thanks, Ralph, creepy but interesting.


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