Post 917: Light My Fire

Free Firewood

Free Firewood. It’s clean with no nails, paint or toxins. Stacked and cut for easy transport. No emails please, text is best.

Stand back when I light this stack of firewood! Wow, that’s gonna make some fire. Should last us all winter, if the rain stops. Not sure where I can borrow a truck to haul all that wood in, or even a few friends to help me load it. Guess I’ll go get it on my bicycle.


3 thoughts on “Post 917: Light My Fire

  1. That’s all construction lumber. All construction lumber is pressure-treated to some extent.
    The two darker bits are decidedly treated, and at least to slab contact.

    Burning such lumber is decidedly unsafe.

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  2. That’s what’s known in the trade as S4S lumber (surfaced 4 sides).
    That means it was run through a steel-bladed planer to smooth the sides.
    Which gives a honed surface to the wood.

    Which makes it very resistant to catching fire. It will char, but the lack of surface “bits” to catch is on-purpose. It’s a desirable trait we want in our houses and small commercial buildings.

    It makes the material rather awful as firewood, as you have to build another fire to heat the material up high enough to actually burn.
    That is, unless one is prepared to split this lumber, to scarify it to provide surfaces which can then catch fire.

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