Post 918: Sparky Business 101

Dinning Set for 6 with hutch and cabinet – $495

Beautiful Mahogany color dining room set with 6 chairs and hutch and cabinet dining table $495 hutch and cabinet $495

I have an idea! Let’s cover this table so no one can see the top! And we’ll say it’s a dinning table and we’ll make sure to state the price three times! No one will notice that the hutch and cabinet aren’t Mahogany! If someone does notice, we’ll claim it’s Ebony and raise the price by $50!

Quote from Sparky Business 101


4 thoughts on “Post 918: Sparky Business 101

  1. Spark appears to think that each piece is worth $495–or straight up retail cost.
    Pretty steep for all the bits, too, for that matter–about retail at WallMart for “mahogany”.
    Pretty much unclear on the concept.

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  2. Gotta love that little tables–no doubt a particle board box from the three covers tossed over it, clearly meant to be “the kids’ table” and holding only a water pitcher.

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