Post 919: How Does Sparky Do That?

Ready for adoption corgi puppy

Don’t miss out. We have females and one males tri and reds they are is utd on shots and worming and puppy starter kit. They super sweet and goof Balls Potty pad trained very playful and friendly. Handled daily

in the puppy package you get food, collar, leash, toys, bowels, potty pads, blanket, bed, treats and a few extra I’ve thrown in.

As well asa 3 year genetic heath guarantee.

Wow! Not only are the pups potty trained to a pad, their bowels are kept in a package so you never have to pick up poop! How do they do that? I might even be able to ignore the fact that these pups do not seem to be pure bred. There’s no AKC paperwork mentioned and there’s no price. There’s lots of capitals that don’t belong, some missing punctuation, and odd sentence structure. But who can concentrate when handling a bunch of puppies every day?


One thought on “Post 919: How Does Sparky Do That?

  1. Rather coy to not mention how many kwatloo this puppy mill wants to make a “package deal” of it.
    No mention of breed purity or suitability for papering is also a legal dodge to not have in print claims that cannot be substantiated.
    Which suggests being an experienced puppy mill.

    That “package deal” also suggest an accomplice before, during, and after the fact boosting goods out of some (or several) pet store, too. Puppy pads, specifically, being not cheap.

    No matter what Spark asserts, these are grubby, ugly, horrible establishments.

    And, the 18th of November is a dark enough day, making this ill-timed for me.

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