Post 921: Only the Best People

Hooker armoire $250

Armoire with floral painted front. Has 2 shelves and hanging rod for the upper section as well as cable and electric plug. Bottom half has 1 shelf. Pick up in [Ish].

Obviously, this is an armoire for a hooker. It has the electric plug for all the toys used in the trade. The rods are the perfect size for hanging up lingerie and costumes. Plus the floral motif would help the girls feel like real Ladies. Which, of course, they are. Mostly. The bottom shelf may need to be removed so all the boots can fit with the stiletto heels. A few hooks on the outside side walls for whips and hand cuffs. A mirror hung on the inside of one door, a make up box nestled under the lingerie, and viola! The price could be earned in a couple of calls on a single night. Heaven has helped the Working Girl.

Thanks, Meredith, great find and it wasn’t even on Craigslist!


3 thoughts on “Post 921: Only the Best People

  1. Going to have to offer a lot more provenance than an electrical fixture to assert this belonged to General Joseph Hooker.
    Or to assert it was taken with the baggage at Chancellorsville.


  2. Sigh, clearly a modern-made, “multi-use” armoire. Meant to be able to “hide” a tv, or to store clothes.
    And, as with many multi-purpose items, it does neither use very well.

    As a TV cabinet is has terrible proportions for modern TVs, and no one actually closes the doors, so the barn doors gape open near permanently. The TV has to be placed low if the knock-out to pass wires for cable set-top boxes, game controllers, DVD players and the like in. The hanging bar then is useless and in the way, and the shelf is not adjustable to heights above a putative TV.

    As clothes storage, the bar only allows short items to be hung up, the shelf does not adjust to any sort of useful height, and the lower compartment is ill suited to anything other than growing mold or raising moths.


  3. $250? This, was, at best a $50 doodad, and that, when brand new.
    If a person wanted a pressboard laminated in an imitation woodgrain from some benighted SE Asian nation, new can be found for $250.


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