Post 922: Fresh Out of [Location]

Free outhouse

Outhouse free for the taking. It sits on some rocks. It hasn’t been used for at least 20 years. Still in good shape.

If you would like it, you need to come and pick it up. There’s no way to get there by car or truck and you need to move it up the hill somehow.

In the past 20 years, while most of civilization had indoor plumbing, Sparky grew up using an outhouse. And he had to walk uphill both ways. At night he had to bring a flashlight and scare off the varmints and neighbors and tourists checking it out. He had to hope Granddad hadn’t used the last page of the last Sears catalog yet. If he was lucky, there would still be some Ladies’ Wear pages to occupy his mind. Sparky hates to see the old place go, so he’ll be sitting in his newly remodeled home while you take the shatter away.

Ralph, you have outdone yourself with this one. Many thanks!

3 thoughts on “Post 922: Fresh Out of [Location]

  1. Outhouses are supposed to be practical things.
    And have things like DOORS!
    And, not, typically, a great huge unscreened window on one side.
    So, only in the land of the sparkii could this be imagined to be an outhouse.of any sort.

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  2. Ok, there’s more to an outhouse than just the house.

    It needs to be on ground suitable for a cesspit, for one. Exsposing a cesspit is not a casual thing–the County Public Health Office is usually quite concerned about this.

    But, Outhouses (and their cesspits) are typically sited for proximity to one’s house, as wandering through the woods in the rain or cold to do one’s business is under-recommended.

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  3. Combining the atypical design, and the siting, this is probably a shed. Even money it’s the well shed where the motor and expansion tank used to sit.
    When the house was converted to City Water, the well pump and it’s gear were removed. Some wag later stuck a toilet seat to the access opening as a joke.
    When the house sold, sparkii, not being humorous did not understand the joke.
    Which suggests that Spark has been _using_ the old well head as a cesspit not knowing any better.

    So, collecting this “outhouse” is like to be an experience not to be repeated.

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