Post 925: Dancing on the Ceiling

Ceiling Fans (3) – $100

3 Used ceiling fans. All 3 for 100$. Very good condition. Operates fine. Chris

Let’s break this down. Sparky has Ceiling Fans. 3 for One Hundred Dollars. He has 3 used fans. All 3 for hundreds. Very good condition if you don’t mind that only one has the thingies that move the air. And the switch on your wall operates fine, according to Chris. Well, there’s a deal if I ever saw one. I’ll be right over.


4 thoughts on “Post 925: Dancing on the Ceiling

  1. Well, in aggregate, there do appear to be sufficient blades for all three motor heads.

    It rather appears that these are all unsued, other than being removed from their original packaging.

    What is more telling is the utter lack of information on all those little plastic bags of fasteners normally in the cardboard boxes. The fiddly bits required to fasten the blades to the motors.

    Also no mention of the doohicky to attach the motor unit to the ceiling.

    Rather like showing a photo of three boxes of cake mix and calling them finished cakes (some assembly required)

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  2. Googling the UPC reveals these are discontinued Home Depot items from 2006. The current version with all the parts and a warranty is $50 new. I’m not a fan of overpriced used wing-dings.

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