Post 926: Seen Better Days

Interior Door Soiled Wood – $125

This is a solid interior door two-sided please see pics over $500 at Dixieline take it now while you can for $125 Dimensions 30″ x 80″

Will the day ever arrive when we no longer care about a door’s past? She may have seen better days, when she was hanging around at Dixieline with the other virgin white doors. Then Sparky showed up and flashed some cash. She went home with him, only to be stored in the garage where she got old and dirty. Have some pity on the door who spent the prime of her life with Sparky.


One thought on “Post 926: Seen Better Days

  1. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with an ABS plastic veneer is neither “soiled” nor solid wood. This thing contains compacted wood chips and sawdust with glue. This is also not an infinite door to the next millennium, nor was it ever sold for $500+. Sparky became unhinged and picked up a discontinued floor sample, and is now trying to find some sucker on craigslist who will buy a door that matches nothing else and has to be drilled for hardware. No adores.

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