Post 927: Who let the Squirrels Out?

Migratory Squirrel Audubon Animal Print Poster

$16 · In Stock Condition New

Audubon Animal Print Poster Migratory Squirrel. Suitable for framing. This bookplate measures a bit over 10 inches by 13 inches. It’s printed on high quality paper. It will be shipped safely in a mailing tube.

I don’t know what’s up with Frank. We just ignore him. He’s begging for nuts throughout the neighborhood. Ever since his image was included in that artist guy’s book, he’s gone crazy. He doesn’t know how to write, but he’s offering to autograph the print.

Thanks again, Meredith! Great find.


4 thoughts on “Post 927: Who let the Squirrels Out?

  1. That Eastern Grey Squirrel print (now Sciurus carolinensis) is probably from this book which contains 24 framable prints (150 total) for $40, with free shipping.

    The original prints are much larger. I had the privilege years ago of examining many of them personally at the NH Audubon Society, which has a large but incomplete collection. The full folio is worth over half a million dollars; the original squirrel print alone is worth thousands. Frank’s autograph probably would not increase the value, since he was dead when he posed — Audubon shot the animals he painted and wired them into position.

    For more information see this article.

    For downloadable images go here.


  2. The book they come from is “The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America.” A reprint on Amazon with 24 different framable prints this size is $40. The originals are much larger and pricier; a complete original folio is worth over $500,000.

    What’s up with Frank is that he’s dead. Audubon shot the birds and animals he painted and posed them with wires.

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