Post 929: Winston and Pickles Hit the Jackpot

Baby guinea pigs

We have 4 young guinea pigs ( hairless guinea pigs for sale). 4 females Handled since birth. 10 weeks old They do best in groups, so if you do not currently own one, please consider getting 2. They are $100 each.

What cute little piggies! They all look like Winston. Or maybe Pickles. And they are getting 200 quatloos per piggy and asked each purchaser to buy two! All they need to do now is say, Don’t worry, we’ll make more! Of course, it is rather disturbing that the little ones have such evil looking eyes. Like as soon as you get them home, they will murder you and your family and go back to be sold again. It’s pure genius!

Winston (T) and Pickles (T) are the intellectual property of Mindfield and are used without permission so if you don’t see posts for a while, you will know I’m working on my legal briefs.


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