Post 930: Oz Never Did Give Nothing to The Tin Man

Metal corrugated tin sheets and telephone poles

I have roughly 30 sheets of semi rusty… ,ome have holes..but awesome for yard art projects,siding, garden boxes, you name it…they measure 26″ x 9′ 10″ long…and 5 peak pieces available…I need them all gone at same time………. 5.00 each and $10 for better pieces…

I live in north [Location] off hwy ##..

Ommmmmmmme. I’m meditating on a mental image of the rusty bits being used as siding. I don’t think the HOA is gonna be okay with that. Also no price stated for the pole. That’s what I really need because the Scottish Games are held in June so I only have 6 months to practice my caber toss. I sure hope Sparky doesn’t sell it before I get there. I bet there are dozens of people looking for this sort of thing. And a lot of them will be wearing kilts. Now, where did I leave my weed blower?


3 thoughts on “Post 930: Oz Never Did Give Nothing to The Tin Man

  1. Hmmm, rusty haven of tetanus, or chemical burns from over-aged creosote . . . .
    Or, the prospect of having to man handle all this material by hans (Spark’ ain’t gonna help) into a trailer.
    So, either an OSHA or an EPA violation.

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  2. So, there’s 35 bits of tin, and it all has to be shifted at once. So, is that $350 or is it $175?
    Will each piece be haggled over as to whether it is “better” or not?
    Is it only the one “telephone” pole, or the whole lot? Since they have no price listed, are they free.
    Do the Phone Police know about your stolen goods?

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