Post 931: Bon Appetite

Pine Crosscut “Cookie” – $40

They’re are approx 24in x 30in, 12/4 Pine I believe.

Key words: Maple walnut cherry poplar pine fir redwood

Here are a few more key words for you, Sparky. False Advertising. If you believe, I said, if you BELIEVE! That it’s pine! Why use all those types of wood that it is not? Also your contractions are coming too close together.


2 thoughts on “Post 931: Bon Appetite

  1. “Cookie” is a term that will get wood workes bound up a bit.

    The base of a tree near the root ball gets a twisted grain condition known as “burl.” Burl is generally structurally useless for having twisted grain. But, it is prized as table top material, as the table’s apron can be the structural part (and seldom holds up a house, except in Buster Keaton movies).

    A single tree can give up hundreds, perhaps thousands of board feet of lumber, but only has the one stump. There’s not much money in stumps, so they are not common. This can increase the value of burl stumps.

    The enterprising sawyer will start slicing a stump high up, above where the grain twists into burl. Those exploratory slices have, slowly, gotten a term-of-art–“cookies.” They are very marginal slices, “poor man’s burl” being a previous term-of-art.

    Now, Pine almost never produces burl grain. That’s because pines are concentric and heilophillic. They also seldom grow from multiple trunk bases, too.

    So, the entire ad is a sham.


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