Post 934: What Was He Thinking?

Beautiful Doberman

1 year old Doberman for rehoming. Has up to date shots and is also neutered. He is a playful energetic dog who loves to go for runs. Unfortunately we no longer have the time or space for him, so we’re looking for someone who can provide him the space he needs. $800 rehoming fee

Sparky, a year ago when you obtained this puppy, did you not realize how much time and space he would need? Okay, maybe the pandemic forced you out of your home, so I can see not having space for him anymore. But if that’s the case, you should now have lots of time for him. And if you don’t have time because of all the extra work you are doing during the pandemic, you should have enough income to keep this beautiful dog in the manner to which he should become accustomed to. You got yourself right there a paradox!

Submitter NinjaChow hopes this good boy gets a home by Christmas. That’s a pretty tall order, unless there’s a time machine involved. Thanks for the submission, NC.


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