Post 938: Happy New Wheels

ADULT TRICYCLE brand new 7 speed – $450

New Year’s resolution: Exercise! Brand new Adult Tricycle, 24″, 7 speed with basket. Great for an adult senior with soft saddle 9″x9″. No balancing issues on this one and has back support. Plus… it’s fun! Rustproof alloy wheels, spokes stainless steel. In box. Call Sandra Cash only.

Your fun and my fun are apparently different. But, say you were out drinking last night, and against your friends’ suggestions, you drove yourself home. The very nice police officers at the DUI check point agreed that you didn’t look drunk, but your breathalyzer told them otherwise. Today, you are very happy to have the tricycle until you get your license back.

But I wonder if Sandra Cash is going to insist you be an adult senior with soft saddle 9”x9”.

One thought on “Post 938: Happy New Wheels

  1. Years ago, I bought a crappy used version of this (with a hard saddle) at a yard sale. I wrapped flat brass cable chain around the rear tires so I could drive it on ice on a frozen lake. It didn’t work very well; these are heavy and require a lot more work than a bicycle. If there were any snow patches on the ice the wheels would slip and I would have to get off and pull it to bare ice.

    Maybe a jet pack in the basket would help, but Sandra Cash doesn’t bother to list the manufacturer or model, so I can’t tell what fits.

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