Post 940: Hot Cross Bun

Looking to Re-home Kimchi

Looking to re-home a wonderful bunny to a loving person. Around 1 years old bunny, 100% litter trained, very smart and full of personality. Looking to give to a home without pets, or perhaps one docile cat (bunny is good with cats). We will give a huge cage, and pen area, food/liter tray, water tray and toys.

The bunny’s name is Kimchi, he loves running around and loves kale as a treat. Please only serious offers and we will be screening with questions. *rabbits are intermediate pets*

200$ Adoption fee (Negotiable)

Oh, sorry, Sparky! I’m still on beginner pets, like snails and guppies. No telling how long it will be until I am up to intermediate pets like this bunny. I imagine you have to sit for a test and be graded on your ability to muck out the litter tray and keep the water fresh. Submitter NinjaChow asks, “WTF does intermediate pets even mean, Sparky?” I think this is something in Sparky’s brain that says one can charge more for a bunny.

And we are halfway through the first Pet Week of 2021!


3 thoughts on “Post 940: Hot Cross Bun

  1. That’s not a rabbit cage, that’s a cube shelving system pretending to be a cage.
    Those shelves are like $12 at the big box stores for a huge quantity of the wire squares.
    They are also ridiculous flimsy when not configured as cube shelves.
    And you want a stout mallet to whack the round connectors on, too.

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  2. “[T]o a loving person”–so, what, are garrulous couple excluded? Amicable siblings? Reasonably civil “Step” relatives?
    Way to discriminate Sparky.

    Perhaps Spark is an intermediate human?

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