Post 944: Rearrange as Needed

Large Box Letters Signage (used)

Fun stuff! I can not use these. Can you? Could be great for a funky space, another business, art project? a club house? or fun ornament? 16 individual letters. (furniture options) Each about 2 ft tall. Red plastic fronts. Black sides and back. Boxes for hardwire electricity (not shown). At last use, they worked, but have been in safe storage for years, so I really can not verify working order. If interested, you must take all. Please, respond with a time to pick up. I have them in storage.

Another great find by Ralph. He also suggests these anagrams: PORNO ENTIITIES? PRURIENT INFO? I hope we can come up with more, because those are awesome. I can only come up with INTERRUPTIONS.

And by the way, Sparky, don’t let kids get a hold of these. No parent wants to come home to see PORNO FRUIT on their garage door.

2 thoughts on “Post 944: Rearrange as Needed

  1. The trade refers to those as box letters. They run to about $125 per each, installed, from the average sign company (don’t tell Spark, but, used they are about a buck apiece used).

    Decorators just _luve_ this stuff. That is until they find out they are floppy without a rigid back, and use exposed, not concealed tabs to install them (so no tracing out the backgrounds neatly).

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