Post 948: Murder Bus

Store Supplies

Store closing sale Retail seating display stands supplies and mannequins.


Thoughtful Sparky put all the things from his store onto the bus so that you can ride around with the mannequins and get to know them. See who likes to stand and who likes to be seated. You will have lots of room for your Retail to sit. No Heads, no worries. Just stick a bouquet of flowers down the neck. Too bad the store had to close, this could have been a money maker. Thanks, Meredith, great find!


One thought on “Post 948: Murder Bus

  1. Mannequin biz is weird with a capital “wyeh.”
    Goese through fads of with and w/o heads, (and random limbs & limb shapes). Colors run from bland neutrals to impossible colors (was a short-lived thing of using UV paint that you had to illuminate with UV lamps).

    Proportions are all over, too (although anemic is generally preferred for not needing as much material to make the mannequni, to be easier to dress). Not sure if the small figure at the back of the bus is supposed to be a juvenile, or a Mexican wrestler (or both).

    New, unused, mannequins are spendy, $200-300 each on the cheap end. Those fiberglass ones in the photo probably sold for near $500 new. “Articulated” mannequins (removable “bits” to ease dressing) are about twice as expensive as “fixed” versions.

    Used to be, defunct store fixtures like mannequins were landfill fodder, but there’s a decent secondary market for “vintage” shops abd collectors of clothing wanting to show off complete ensembles.

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