Post 950: A Shred of Dignity

Free Large Bag of Paper Shreddings (Even Snootier Area)

Free Large Bag of Paper Shredding. It’s clean and ready to use as packing materials or for papier-mâché. The bag is a large 45 gallon bag.

Back when I was young enough to be taught anything, I learned that descriptive words go before the thing they are describing. So Shredded Paper would be correct, not Paper Shreddings. Unless the paper is continuing to shred itself. And in that case, do not for any reason pick up this bag! Something you love might fall into the bag and get shredded. It sort of does look like a Sarlacc pit. We don’t want that, do we?


2 thoughts on “Post 950: A Shred of Dignity

  1. The people of [even snootier area] are foolish, too–hoodlums are perfectly willing to tape together shreds to steal personal info.

    If you are not diamond cutting, you are not really shredding sensitive documents.

    Especially if you are generating 45 gallon bags, which nearly guarantees the best stuff stays close together.

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  2. Do not use shreded paper for rodent bedding–it’s bad for gerbils & hamsters, and the edges will paper cut like razors around small rodents.

    And anyone foolish enough to paper mache with shredded paper is a masochist and better served by any number of other devices better aimed at kink.

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