Post 951: Hip to be Square

1865 Emerson Square Grand piano – $300

condition: good make / manufacturer: Emerson size / dimensions: 39”H X 77”L X 38”D

I have a family heirloom that needs to be re-homed. 1865 Emerson square grand piano, measuring 39”H X 77”L X 38”D, with original keys, ornate carving and workmanship, unrestored. Can provide an appraisal that states it’s value at $4,750.00. Must coordinate pickup and transport from a flight of stairs.

I only have an uncoordinated pickup. Do you have a paper stating how much this beast weighs? If I do buy it, I want to be the one to shout “Pivot!” as we go down the stairs. Emerson nice keys. Okay, it’s Monday. That’s all I got.


One thought on “Post 951: Hip to be Square

  1. Had to go look it up.
    Emerson is a highly regarded maker of pianos, and worth a lot in the trade–antiques, not musical instrument.
    Also “square” is a recognized form of “grand piano” (despite being a rectangle, clearly polysyllabic bias).
    That bugger is like to be a quarter ton–500-600#
    So, the professional movers needed is probably in the $600-900 range what with the stairs.
    So, that’s about $1200, or about fair market value for an unrestored, untuned, freshly moved Emerson.

    Tuning a square grand is a pain, per the sources I found, the strings run left-to-right, so the keys all work through a transfer mechanism.

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