Post 952: Stool Sample

Roc Soc 26″ Tower Guitar Seat – $100

condition: good make / manufacturer: Roc Soc


Designed for taller sitting applications including propping, leaning and in-store demonstrations Two ring construction for stability and comfort Towers include swiveling seat Original Guitar Stool used very infrequently. Minor rust on the chair but other than that, perfectly functional, goes for ~$160 new

Sparky, that rust is worth a better discount than sixty smackers. I do like thinking of sitting as an application. I haven’t done an in-store demonstration since they banned me from Guitar Center. And WalMart. And that other WalMart. And Kohls.

Maybe I should have gone with a Two Ring Towers riff. One Stool to Rule them All. Who the heck is Roc n Soc?

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