Post 954: Waiting for the Banana Fairy

Asian / Hawaiian / Apple banana plants – $30

Hi there,

We currently have some bananas plants, they in the pots and ready to go to a good home. come by and get them while we still have some. With the raining season about to arrive, this is the perfect time to plant them down on your yard, if you are good these will produce fruits for you in no time. These are very sweet bananas, these are the real kind we have some samples for you to try. The best way to get a hold of us is text and/or call me, we are approximately on #th ave and Road-## in [Location].

thanks for viewing our listing Kim

You say Asian, I say Hawaiian, You say Apple, I say Banana! I know I can give your plants a good home with dirt and sun and the occasional batch of guano water. But what if I am not good? What if the Banana Fairy passes my plants right by? Then I would be so sad. It would take the sweet fruit of the Asian/Hawaiian Banana to cheer me up! What about it, audience? Do you believe in Banana Fairies?


Ah, well. Guess I don’t need these plants after all.


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