Post 960: Alaska Rush

tent military quanset hut – $9,000

condition: new make / manufacturer: Alaska structures size / dimensions: 20x32x10

tent military quanset hut Made by Alaska Structures The tent is 20′ x 32.5 x 10′ tall. never installed. the ribs are aluminum. the tent is in 3 shipping containers. new cost is over 16.000. I have 2 of these available. one for 9 thousand. comes with electrical lighting /tools/etc kept in shipping containers

This is probably a classic YSaC situation where the word Quonset in right on the package, but Sparky’s superior photo handling makes it hard to check for sure. Sparky makes it look like Alaska is all down hill. Good thing his structures have aluminum ribs to hold campers inside.


5 thoughts on “Post 960: Alaska Rush

  1. Poor Rhode Island. Not an island at all; named for a now vilified old dead white guy, too.
    Well over 90% of everything bearing some indigenous name, too.

    Quonset not being much known for semi-circular hutments in the town limits, but the Quonset Construction Company having made famous a method of using corrugated steel panels with integrated ribs into readily adaptable, easily-shipped, utility buildings.

    To the point that anything even vaguely resembling the shape of the structure gets the appellation applied, accurate or not.

    tl;dr: Quonset Huts do not have “ribs.”

    This is an aluminum framed wall tent.

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  2. If the intent is to survive in the 49th State I would be a lot more concerned about the wall & floor insulation than dubious distinctions about its construction, or suggestion of a Rhode Island Pedigree.

    That beastie has 660 cubic feet of air inside to keep warm, that’s going to be a lot of BTUs even with good insulation.

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  3. Uhm, Spark, I’m guessing you actually have looked up how much it costs to move shipping containers. But, it does rather matter what size those containers are to get them shipped.
    Joe-Bob’s Chevy is not going to to just pop a 40′ conex in the back, let alone three. Even three twenty-footers will be a hassle.

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