Post 961: Come Up to the Lab

Lab Benches

We have several 3′ x 6′ lab benches with built in electrical outlets. These are very sturdy and have been lightly used for 4 years. Originally purchased for $700 each. Solid steel construction with a chemically resistant top. Benches are very heavy and need at least 2 – 3 people to move. Tops can be detached.

The tops of these benches need to go into therapy right away! They are removed and detached from their situation. Probably from seeing all the cute little bunnies being used to test mascara and face creams. Hopefully, 2 – 3 people can be found to rescue these poor parts of furniture and bring them back to life. Put Rocky Horror Picture Show on a loop and they’ll be fine in no time.


2 thoughts on “Post 961: Come Up to the Lab

  1. “Chemically resistant”? Not much help unless we know which ones. After all, DiHydrogen Monoxide is a chemical. It’s nearly a Universal Solvent, too.
    Now, resistance to, oh, say, Fluoride or Chloride compounds, or hydrates of sodium or nitrogen, those bits of information would be pretty vital.

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