Post 966: Alpha Belt Ickly

El Arturo-Crumine- Bronze Buckle

Condition : Used – Good Color: Multi-colored

Bronze El Arturo Crumrine (Jewelers and Silversmiths Belt Buckle LETTER “K”. – IT’S AN ORIGINAL. The belt that this buckle was on is NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING.

Back in the day, YSaC saw many people misspelling the name of something they wanted to sell even when the name was correctly spelled on the product or package. But the names were often five to twelve letters long. This buckle has ONE LETTER on it. And Sparky still didn’t get it right. He got Crumrine right. Looking at the locations of E and K on the keyboard, I can’t even explain it away. Humanity could, indeed, be doomed.

Good catch, Meredith!


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