Post 967: Oh, Honey

Sugar anyone

So I’m a very beautiful 31 year old woman hoping to be in my first love affair with a real Dom. But trust is the only thing that has kept me from having one so far and that only comes with time. Till then I am not very from you and if your life could use some sugar in it so can mine. Sugar no spice and gain no pain let’s have some fun

This was listed under Rooms Wanted. There were two pictures, but the second one violated my personal code of WTF? Good thing she is not very from you, Dom. I take it she wants to cuddle while she gets to know you and then all bets are off.


One thought on “Post 967: Oh, Honey

  1. Joeseph Conrad does his best to juxtapose the base avarice of Belgians in Africa, but is flummoxed by reality created by the amoral mayonnaise eaters having ceded their humanity long before Conrad’s time. The result is as confused at the aftereffects of week-old mayo in the potato salad at a church picnic. The terrors of the darkness, the unreality of the landscapes all embrace a delirium all the worse for not being febrile. That we can tell; for Conrad keeps us in doubt for the entire span of the never ending tome. Which is capped, so aptly with, “[T]he horror th horror.”

    Oh, wait, is this not Criticism?

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