Post 970: Hacked

Server cabinet, or great for garden tools

I have been storing my garden tools in this Server cabinet, the sides are detectable and has nice smoked plexy glass, could use paint, still in good condition.

Dementions: 19 3/4 door width, 27 1/4 cabinet width, 31 3/4 depth, Height 7ft 1 3/4. avaliable after 3pm Tuesday. Will answer responses in order, be patient.


Let me guess. Marky Sparky here wanted to be a famous hacker. So he brought home a server cabinet and filled it with things that can be used to hack. The hoe fell against the bus and shorted out the whole system. Leaving the cabinet good for only one thing. Giving away on CL with the cover story that it was a tool shed the whole time. Way to go!


4 thoughts on “Post 970: Hacked

  1. “Plexy” means home or source point or centrality.

    Smoky home glass?
    Smoke intersection glass?

    If only we had a clear material which could be moulded to suit one’s needs, an acrylic, perhaps, plexiglass . . .

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