Post 975: How to Divorce Someone You’ve Never Met

Note: NinjaChow submitted a bunch of cool posts, so we are having a Pet Week so we can remind you that pets are forever. Easter is not a good time to get bunnies, chicks, ducks, or lambs and dispose of them later on.

Dog Sharing

I have a dog. He’s an Akita Inu/Husky. He’s 5 years old and about 75lbs. He’s super friendly to every person and every dog. I’m looking to see if anyone is interested in sharing him, like divorced parents…😂. We can alternate weeks, or every 2 weeks. He’s super social and loves meeting people and other dogs so I’m sure he would love the opportunity to explore the world more. Makes a great hiking partner!

Ideally you live around the Olympic Village, but anywhere in Vancouver could work.

NinjaChow: Translation: a) I’m too lazy to walk my high energy dog b) It is Vancouver and it rains a lot, please walk him on the rainy days

Poor Puppers, I bet he really would like to get away from Sparky, but on a permanent basis. Oh, and there was no photo of the Huskita. I found one online.


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