Post 976: Too Wonder and Curious

Note: NinjaChow submitted a bunch of cool posts, so we are having a Pet Week so we can remind you that pets are forever. Easter is not a good time to get bunnies, chicks, ducks, or lambs and dispose of them later on.

Ferrets with cage rehome

I have this two lovely brothers

Very playful, they like too wonder and curious

I have no time for them thats im getting them rehomed

For small adoption fee send me questions

Another lovely NinjaChow submission. “So many questions but I’m not going to pay the rehoming fee for the answers.” Right? I don’t think Sparky knows how this thing works. This is just enough Engrish to be understandable. I just hope the brothers manage to get to a better world.


2 thoughts on “Post 976: Too Wonder and Curious

  1. Dunno, but that’s pretty literate for ferrets. You just don’t expect them to have the patience to learn both diction and grammar, too.

    What, you though Spark wrorte this ad? Spark has no time for them, so they want out.

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