Post 977: Help Me

Note: NinjaChow submitted a bunch of cool posts, so we are having a Pet Week so we can remind you that pets are forever. Easter is not a good time to get bunnies, chicks, ducks, or lambs and dispose of them later on.

Looking for my new family

There’s a$250 adoption fee my dog is 6 yrs old female Staffordshire terrier who needs a pack to love me and take great care of my needs. I’m on medication for severe allergies and on a salmon diet . I need a home with only older kids or no kid home. I love go for walks ,car rides and give kisses and hugs . I will need to get fixed too as my owner couldn’t afford too. This very hard for me to give her up but I don’t have the place or funds to take care of her . She need a bck yard to run and do her business as I don’t do it on walks. I would like to meet u and your home as I won’t jus give her up to just anyone..

As NinjaChow says, “I’m glad to hear that Sparky doesn’t do his/her business on walks but really, TMI!” The Sparky who is rehoming the poor nameless dog is doing a good thing. How scary to live with a person with multiple personalities. I hope there actually is a dog to be rescued, and again, I hope there isn’t.


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