Post 987: Unclear on the Concept

[J*Doe] Courier Services

*Save less over the major courier services

*Privately owned and operated

*Reliable and secure service

*Full discretion guaranteed

*Years of experience

*IACSSP Certified

*Will also transport pets with full care and attention

*Covering most western states

*Packages and pets only

Please text for a quote

Save less. Do I want to save less? That means I spend more. I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means. Really. I understand it’s hard to run your own business and you need to cut costs where you can, but have someone else write your ad copy for you.


2 thoughts on “Post 987: Unclear on the Concept

  1. Uhm, the CFR is like elebenty billion pages long, ut, I’ll wager there’s at least one regulation about carrying live animals over State lines needing a permit (unless they are personally-owned, e.g. pets)

    There are also reasons that “common carriers” are licensed and regulated. Like the need for permits for taking certain harvested plants and all live plants over State lines.

    Oh, “discretion”–so you are running contraband and want “cover” material.

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  2. “Your Honor, the defendant, when stopped, had 40 kilos of parsley in one kilo bags, and 2 kilos of talcum powder in gram bags, and a malty-chi-hoa-hoa wil a collar labeled “Bitey.” Defendant claims this was a delivery to be made to Elmer J Fudd of East Dakota to ‘Behind the bowlin’ alley on the 2nd road inta town.”
    “Defendant wishes to enter a plea of ‘Not Innocent.’ “

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