Post 988: Invitation to a Kill

road trip

Had to pull something off of Pinterest — Not my type

im looking for any female that is bored and just want to get away for a couple of days . it can be las vegas or up north. it doesnt matter im bored . im going to rent a car . just a friend thing only . im not your type. just keeping it real. let me no if you want to go somewhere even if its just to visit a family member . i can drop you off and pick you back up. all im asking is for a cool conversation and at least 1 lunch with me . im buying .

Also don’t tell anyone where you are going. It will be our little secret.

No problem, Sparky. Let’s go to Alaska. The Gold Rush might not be over yet. Won’t that be fun?


2 thoughts on “Post 988: Invitation to a Kill

  1. Sketchy? Waddya meen “sketchy.”?
    It’s jus like “Easy Rider,” only wit my ’81 Yugo instead of Harley choppers.
    And might need extry hands to help push the car . . .

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