Post 991: There’s an Echo in Here

Storage Armour – $100

Beautiful solid wood Armour. Lots of space inside to hold boxes, bedding etc. We are moving and can’t take it with us. Asking $100 but open to offers. You will need a truck or larger vehicle to pick it up.

A. R. M. O. I. R. E. Memorize it, Sparky, because you obviously need it. Otherwise you will be evicted from that snooty part of town. Hope this isn’t something that washed up on the beach. No way can my van pick it up.


One thought on “Post 991: There’s an Echo in Here

  1. Given that wood has not been known to increase one’ Armor Class, I can well see why it’s in storage.

    This particular bit of furniture barely reaches the window sill, and is unlike a classic tall dimensions of an armoire.

    We are recommended to bring a truck or large vehicle–well, just how large? A transit van or a semi-truck? These details matter.

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