Post 993: Stage Left

Exit Safety light – $50

Lithonia Lighting Emergency Exit Lights. I have 2 of them. Both are new in original boxes. The boxes have been opened. These are for new construction to be built-in above exit doors. $50 each or both for $90.

Sparky, I think you spelled Lithuania incorrectly. I understand why someone would need to exit from there. Can’t go there from anywhere but if you get there, they have a medieval castle, lakes, some green spaces, and their own scent. So bring both exit lights in opened boxes but like new. You’ll be a hero.


One thought on “Post 993: Stage Left

  1. Lithonia is a subsidiary of Eaton Industries (which includes Cooper Electric). They have about a century’s experience in lighting fixtures.

    Now , Spark’ has managed to omit some critical info about these fixtures. Like what wiring options are provided. Are these fixtures meant to have Line (e.g. 10VAC) emergency power or 12VDC wiring? Is the green color paint or are these self-lit units?

    Are these “universal” fixtures (e.g. rront & back plus directional arrows)? Further are the mounting brackets included? (which are as spendy as the fixtures)

    Now, to e fair, these fixtures, prima facie, wholesale for around $75 and retail about $150, so the price is right for “fell offa truck.”

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