Post 1000: Which F-stop is That?

2 3/4″ Orbit Manual Irrigation Valves-2 New Soaker Hose 100″ – $20

2 Brand New Orbit 3/4 Manual Irrigation Valves 2 Brand New Soaker Hose 100′ for Drip Irrigation 1 Brand New Brass Sprinkler Head 2 Brand New Plastic Sprinkler Heads 1 Brand New Ball Valve 3/4″

Call [number NUMBER number ###-####]

Is it dark in here, or is it just the photos? Do my glasses need cleaning? Sparky, what are you smoking? You might be a hoser but there’s no call to talk about heads and balls all the time. You bet your brass it will drive customers away.

PS: Happy 1000th Post, WTF Sparkyville! Give or take some miscounting along the way. Thank you all for viewing and thanks more than I can say to my contributors.


4 thoughts on “Post 1000: Which F-stop is That?

  1. In case of curiosity about how a valve can be 75%, Spark actually meant a valve sized for 3/4″ (ID) irrigation pipe.

    The term “ball valve” is to differentiate between “gate valves,” both of which are used in irrigation. In a ball valve, the stem of the valve is connected to a sphere with a hole bored through it. Rotating the stem rotates that hole into, or out of line with the water flow.

    The term “soaker hose” is not much used by professional irrigators, so, instead of a “drip conductor” this may be a home store special “garden hose” which does not deliver a metered about of water per perforation (a key element in xereology).

    Perhaps a new glasses prescription, Spark?

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