Post 1005: Jurassic Snacks

Beef Feeder Calves

Beef feeder calves for sale. All ranch raised, come get the best. Steers Bulls and heifers. Call or text.
Angus Hereford calf heifer steer bull steers cattle cow cows

Comparing these calves in size to the feeder fish recently posted, I’m thinking the most likely animal to eat these is an apex predator. A lion, maybe a bear, a jaguar. And possibly, since we really don’t get updated from the island, a T-rex?

I’m locking my doors and staying in. I saw the movie where the T rex romped in the Wild Animal Park. Not going out until this whole thing blows over.


One thought on “Post 1005: Jurassic Snacks

  1. Technical jargon at work, here.
    “Feeder” in this case means on the cusp of being weaned. Of being older than 1 year, and no longer veal on the hoof. As they are nearly ready to graze on their own, they can be sold for various purposes (breeding, meat production, Congressional seats, etc.)

    There are several similar terms of art in the cattle biz. An “open heifer” is a cow which has reached sexual maturity but has not been bred yet. Said cow will not be producing milk, either, so can be grazed with beef steers (just not bulls).

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