Post 1006: I Talk to the Tree

Jacaranda Tree – $10

I’m pretty sure this is a jacaranda tree. I compared its leaves to one in the neighborhood, and they match. It is 14″ tall. I put it in this pot about a year ago.

Take a chance on the tree, folks! Only ten dollar, that’s right, ten dollar and you could go home with a Baby jacaranda tree. No money back guarantee, no tips on drought conditions, and no, you can’t go look at the neighbor’s tree. He’s a grouch with a pellet gun.


One thought on “Post 1006: I Talk to the Tree

  1. [consults references to confirm suspicions] Jacaranda is a Genus with 49 species in it.
    By presumption Spark means “Blue Jacaranda” which can (barely) grow in southern California, and certain areas in Texas and the Gulf Coast.
    The Blue is J. mimosafolia, and can be easily confused with similar “mimosa trees” all of which would be hard to distinguish as a 14″ seedling.

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