Post 1010: Dragon Fodder


Oh, hi! Just having a little nom before I terrify the dragon. (Not one of the ones in the ad)

Roughly 25 full grown horn worms. Shipped from Josh’s Frogs. Date 5/21 My dragon won’t eat them and now they have outgrown his mouth. I don’t want them to go to waste, especially since they can be expensive. ANYONE WITH A CREATURE THAT EATS THESE PLEASE TAKE!

-Will send photos upon request, but they are just normal ones.

No, please, keep the photos. Keep these nightmare pests contained, and do not let them out of your house. Have you considered dicing them for the poor little dragon? And who is this Josh person, turning perfectly useful frogs into hornworms? Okay, Ralph, you won the week! Keep them coming.


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