Post 1018: If I had a Hammer

singer sawing

dont know what it is.what you see is what you get

I think my Grandpappy had a singer sawing. We’d catch him out in the old shed, sawing up some new curtains or a dress for Granny. Sometimes he’d put piles of sawdust on the floor and sing I Feel Pretty from West Side Story. He was the best. Thanks, Ralph, another winner!

One thought on “Post 1018: If I had a Hammer

  1. The people as Singer produced a number of needful products over their history.
    They made a a now particularly rare variant of the 1911A1 pistol during WWII which allows the US to defeat fascism overseas.
    They made typewrites, too; rather a few of which were also conscripted into military service.

    A saw, sight unseen, is not entirely out of sight, if not in historical purview.

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