Post 1021: What’s the Story?

Must take all.

Everything free.

Submitter Ralph says, “There’s a story here somewhere…” but apparently to find out what it is, we need to go home with a dozen or more cameras and accessories, four manual meat grinders with one pushing device, six creepy dolls, and about 80 cell phones and accessories. Not only do I not need that many of any of these things, I don’t know where I would put them. Sparky wants to save a trip to the thrift store.


One thought on “Post 1021: What’s the Story?

  1. And a telescope tripod, too . . .

    Will wager this is a you-store-it clean out from a now defunct Pawn Shop.
    Hopefully it’s not the storage unit of a shop closed due fire or flood or the like, and just broken into.
    And lawlessness suggest one other source–police auction of recovered items no longer needed in the Evidence Locker.

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