Post 1022: Obvious Plant

●Plumeria Party: Fully Rooted and Fully Fantastic●

Aloha Craig’s List Smarties!! It’s a Plumeria Party!!

All plumerias are fully rooted, fully fantastic, and varying shades of pink. Most have multiple tips and all are approximately 24″ or taller. These fun-filled plumerias are $13.00 each and super ready to be taken home by you!! 😎

When you write back, please let us know when you want to stop by. Thank you much and hope to see you soon!!

Who knew plumeria were filled with fun? Or wanted to go home with us like shelter puppies! I’m a bit skeptical as Sparky doesn’t say what type of refreshments will be served. I hope it’s not lawn candy.


2 thoughts on “Post 1022: Obvious Plant

  1. In fine, fine print: “These are carnivorous Plumeria and require a diet of live rodents or they will bite those nearby. Not safe around children or pets. Any resemblence to Triffids is accidental. Will not answer to “Audrey.” Music and party accessories not included. Some assembly may be required.”

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