Post 1023: Seriously?

5 pound bucket random rocks

be good for walkway or patio

Ralph sent this one in with the perfect title. I thought buckets were measured in gallons and other liquid type marks. And I disagree with the term rocks. However, random is exactly spot on. This ad should read “Free bucket of junk, please take it away for me.”

4 thoughts on “Post 1023: Seriously?

  1. “A pint is a pound the World around” is an old saying, if one with many asterisks involved.
    (Like how an Imperial pint of beer or ale is far heavier than a pint of wine . . . )

    Eight Pints (US) to the gallon, makes this bucket a brick short of a cube. (A “cube” of brick is nominally 500, or about half a (short) ton.)

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  2. Hmm, perhaps Spark paid US$6.83 (£5) for the bucket?

    A “ten gallon hat” refers to a sombrero with 10 galleons’ (pieces of eight) worth of metal embroidery sewn upon. This has confused those who never traded in Spanish dolars (dolars de Leon, aka “dubloons”). Said specie was perforated to be broken into eight parts, hence, “two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar.”

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