Post 1029: Kill Them Now!

4 cinder blocks

Stolen from a gardening site. No photo sent with ad.

lots of life left in them

The life I have found in my cinder blocks have been pill bugs, black widows, and earwigs. As Ralph says, the best option is to kill them now! Before they organize and come after you.

One thought on “Post 1029: Kill Them Now!

  1. A long time ago, back when the US was an industrial nation, the waste cinders and clinkers from any number of processes were compresses in huge moulds to make into lightweight building units.

    Industrial waste was supplanted by known-strenth concrete in making the building units in the 60s, yet the terminology has stuck. It’s anachronistic–we do not call sterring wheels “tillers.”

    The construction term-of-art is CMU, Concrete Masonry Unit., These retail for about $2 each. Yet, there’s this persistent “thing” where they are boosted off sites like they cost no more than a Kleenex.

    But, why yes, Spark, I’ll certainly revel in your larceny you can’t be bothered to take a cell phone photo of. Sigh.


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