Post 1036: Treacherous Footing

FREE Two Cement Deck Footings

These two footings were removed by the contractors when we had some posts replaced on our deck. We have no use for them now, but maybe you do. They are very heavy and we are not able to lift them. Please reply to this ad if you are interested in setting up a time to come pick them up. First come.

Free, wink, wink. Except for the lingering back pain after you try to move them. Submitter Ralph points out that the Poison Ivy is included. Probably. I wish I knew these folks so that I could hear their on-going lamentations when this clever scheme doesn’t work.


One thought on “Post 1036: Treacherous Footing

  1. Hmm, if the intact one is 12″ diameter and 36″ long, that’s 2.35 cf and at 145 pcf, gives a stout 342#.

    Now, such things are not really interchangeable–this is why the City generally wants a Licensed Engineer to design things like the supports for your deck, to allow for when you overload the fool thing for your patio party.

    Why they did not just get the repair contractor to haul away the its while they were there beggars the imagination.

    Unless they hired Bubba and JoeBob’s Deck Repairs and it would have been $20 extra to haul away debris.

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