Post 1043: Just Add Water

80k free small baby powder containers

Hello, I have 80,000 (yes, 80k) 50g plastic baby powder bottles that I need to get rid of from a failed business model. It is a 2-part assembly with a cap (polypropylene) and a bottle body (HDPE.) The quantity was too small, so the original vendor won’t buy back.

They are free to take to anybody willing to haul away all of them. Picture attached.

Submitter Ralph notes that powdered babies are in short supply. I’m simply amazed that Sparky was going to have a business selling small containers of powder and it failed. Also that he knows what polypropylene and HDPE are. Were 80k too small a quantity or was the 50g too small? Something fun to ponder over the weekend.


One thought on “Post 1043: Just Add Water

  1. Making a “run” of moulded plastic containers has some large minimum numbers. So, a “trial run” of 50K is very likely. How ever, companies that sell such products often have minimum packaging volumes due to how their warehousing and logistics are set up. So, they may not be equipped to ship (or trans-ship) anything less than an entire pallet or crate of goods.

    This is a stumbling block many entrepreneurs run into trying to get an idea to market.

    Let’s say you have this notion to make a breaded fried steak “finger” on a stick. Which could e packaged with a squeeze packet of white gravy that could be assembled ans a unti to be heated in a microwave. The food science for this is established. The machine required exist. The trick is that a person probably needs maybe 500 or 1000 to go market the item. But the minimum order winds up being like 10,000 oxes of 144 per each. Sigh.

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