Post 1044: Stop Calling Me Woody

Tons of wood

Free wood. I don’t know what it is or what it’s for. I just bought the trailer that it’s in and need to find a new home for all of it.

Could be baseboard, maybe parrot perches, even towel racks. Scrabble tiles! Wainscoting! Yard sticks! Cat herding tools! Depth of puddles measurers! Replacement for lost remote controls! Child behavior modifier! Garden posts for identifying what you planted! Fruit harvesters! Untold uses and all for free! If one can manage to shift tons of wood.

One thought on “Post 1044: Stop Calling Me Woody

  1. Looks like trim boards. And, depending on storage conditions, worth a dime or two.
    Mind, the buyer probably needs a trailer to store it in . . .

    And, apparently, Spark is unable to unable to open any page in CL like Skilled Trade and find a carpenter there and ask them if they want free money . . .

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