Post 1045: Let It Ride

Vintage Toro Groundsmaster riding lawn mower (2 for sale) – $200

For sale are 2 vintage Toro riding mowers. Unsure deck size, probably 52 or 62. Neither will start today but each were recently started so shouldn’t take much to get them going. Or use for parts. Only one is pictured now because the other is buried under stuff. You pick up and haul away.

$200 obo cash only no trades

I will now attempt to translate Sparky Speak into English. “I need to get rid of these two hunks of junk. I have done literally nothing to keep them in good working order, but they are vintage (old) so I want $200 for them. Each. You do all the work, play your obo, but don’t contact me after you have taken possession. I have to go find the one under the stuff.”

Unless you think it’s worth the 2 c notes to get the parts for your old ride on mower, I would let this one pass.


2 thoughts on “Post 1045: Let It Ride

  1. Delusional sparkii is delusional.
    And too lazy, clearly, to execute the preferred method of getting rid of mowers: Leaving them on the curb.

    Just because they ran “in the past” does not mean they are only 5 minutes’ away from running today. Also, parts, brand new parts that have no dry rot or other defects are easily available to specific need.

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