Post 1046: Not Silk Purse Material

Wiener pigs – $160

7 wiener pigs for sale $160. each call for all info

I’ve heard of wiener dogs. I’ve seen the Wiener Mobile. I’ve never seen a pig with 7 wieners. That big pig in the middle does not have a wiener. And Sparky wants $160 for each call. What if I forget to ask what one feeds wiener pigs? Well, good luck little piggies. May the Pork be with you.

6 thoughts on “Post 1046: Not Silk Purse Material

  1. “Weaner” “wiener” what’s speeling to sparkii?

    A “weaned” piglet for sale is called a “weaner” in vernacular. It’s a farming term, as piglets are not any more tender than ‘adult’ pigs. They are just smaller, and more likely to pen acclimatize.

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